Susan Chambers

Watercolors by Susan Chambers
Watercolors by Susan Chambers

Watercolor artist: Susan Chambers

I am a new artist in terms of watercolor, but have been photographing the world around me since I was young. I started painting in January 2014 to deal with some unexpected curve balls life threw my way; now I cannot imagine a life without brushes, water, paints and paper.

Most of my watercolor works consist of lighthouses from around the world painted on old book pages from the condensed versions of popular literature, such as Moby Dick and The Odyssey. Some lighthouses, such as the Dragon Lighthouse in South Korea or the Newhaven Lighthouse in Scotland, are my gateways to other countries, other cultures that I may not be able to visit in my lifetime. They stimulate my imagination and make me wonder what other mariners or fishermen were experiencing on their travels while the lights were guiding their way.

I also build on my love of commercial fishing and the ocean to paint the people and boats who work on the ocean and the animals that live there. The West Coast is rich with beautiful rockfish I also love to paint.

I’ve also experimented with watercolor crayons, watercolor markers and watercolor pencils, but always return to the basic watercolor paints. Lately I’ve used watercolors to paint Oregon rockfish underwater scenes on a clay substrate on hardboard, trademarked by the name Aquabordâ„¢.