The Artists

  • Tammy Belcher

    Tammy Belcher

    Tammy’s inspiration for her art comes from Mother Nature. Her business, West Coast Wraps was created on the Oregon coast. Tammy found making wrap bracelets a peaceful hobby and a beneficial way to wind down after a hectic day of being a “stay at home” mother of two.

  • David A. Black

    David was born and raised in the midwest. He attended high school in the Seattle area and lived there for about thirty years. David’s mother was an artist and his father was a craftsman and woodworker. David describes himself as a dreamer, and one of those kids that liked to draw in class while the teacher was talking.

  • David Castleberry

    David Castleberry

    Pattern, form, rhythm, hues and all the other elements of design are rearranged to create works that do more than fill walls but also sing songs from and share all that I find beautiful.

  • Watercolors by Susan Chambers

    Susan Chambers

    Most of my watercolor works consist of lighthouses from around the world painted on old book pages from the condensed versions of popular literature, such as Moby Dick and The Odyssey. Some lighthouses, such as the Dragon Lighthouse in South Korea or the Newhaven Lighthouse in Scotland, are my gateways to other countries, other cultures that I may not be able to visit in my lifetime.

  • Brian Coleman: Nature Photographer

    Brian Coleman

    I’ve always had a love for art and the Oregon Coast is the perfect place to live and enjoy that passion. My main focus is nature photography. For me, as a nature photographer, I hope to convey a different perspective to the viewer and inspire others to get out and enjoy the wonderful places Oregon has to offer.

  • Linda Deardorff - Out of The Woods

    Linda Deardorff – Out of The Woods

    Much of the inspiration of Linda’s work comes from the natural beauty and wildlife on the five acres where she and her husband live and work. Her hope is to create a unique piece of artwork that will provide years of enjoyment while bringing the natural environment “out of the woods” and into the home.

  • Pam Dennis

    Pam Dennis

    Pam Dennis creates colored pencil drawings and acrylic paintings on canvas, one-of-a-kind “men’s tie”dolls, and welcomes commissions. A large selection of her colored pencil drawings in greeting card form are available at Art of Life.

  • Steel Wall Art by James Emard of Steel Wonders

    James Emard – Steel Wonders

    It began with a large wildlife piece over our fireplace and has slowly evolved to portray the things that are most important to me – faith and family.

  • Linda Herd

    Studying architecture and urban design taught me the impact detail has on style. I believe jewelry should make a statement, not a suggestion. My designs reflect that principle with boldness of scale, texture, and color.

  • Diane Irvin

    Diane has been drawing since she was a child and one of her favorite subjects has always been cats. She has become fond of the Japanese Lucky Cat, and the Maneki Neko. You will see them appear often in her artwork. She also enjoys portraying pink poodles and pugs on occasion as well as symbolic creatures such as fetish and mythical animals.

  • Clyde E Kirkpatrick

    Clyde E Kirkpatrick

    Clyde E Kirkpatrick’s passion is depicting the infinitely changing moods of water and reflections, maritime art and nature. He is best known for his maritime art.

  • Jewelry by Christine "Crystal" Landucci

    Christine “Crystal” Landucci

    Christine “Crystal” Landucci hopes her jewelry will entertain you! Her pieces feature hand forged sterling silver, bronze, brass, steel and copper. Many incorporate gemstones, found objects, coins, stamps, nuts & bolts, charms and talismans.

  • Gary Manos - Steel Knight Designs

    Gary Manos – Steel Knight Designs

    “If you can dream it, I can create it.” Artwork and functional pieces of unparalleled uniqueness in the mediums of metal, stained glass, and wood.

  • Dutch Mostert

    Dutch Mostert

    Dutch has concentrated mostly on painting the maritime environment, and every thing that it entails, in both watercolor and oil, in the studio and on location, gathering numerous awards for his work on both coasts.

  • Alta Pacific Stained Glass

    Alta Pacific

    Each of their Stained Glass Art pieces is created in their small in-home studio on the coast of Oregon with great concern for the quality and beauty of their work.

  • Palouse Creek Pottery

    Each piece is thrown or hand formed, dried thoroughly, glazed, and sometimes painted with slip designs. The designs reflect their love of nature and care for the environment.

  • Paula Reis

    Paula Reis

    All of Paula Reis’ work examines the complexity of botanical images, with a focus on light, color, form and essence. She captures the flower as if it were a portrait, looking for the perfect pose and lighting to enhance the subject.

  • Christy Sanders

    Christy Sanders

    Christy Sanders is an Oregon south coast artist who began painting in 2004, after retiring from a thirty year career as a Myrtle Point elementary Teacher. She is a watercolor artist at heart, but enjoys experimenting with collage and other mediums.

  • Glasswork by Sam Schwarz

    Sam Schwarz

    We design and build chandeliers and lighting fixtures to transform every living environment. Born out of a passion for beauty and energy efficiency, we are determined to create the highest quality products and ensure long lasting reliability.

  • The Fish House Fledge

    Kimberly Wurster

    Kimberly creates her paintings primarily in watercolor and pastel, sometimes using ink and other forms of mixed media. She enjoys painting a variety of subjects including landscapes, but has a particular fondness for birds and wildlife.